Commercial Bottle Roller

Bottle Roller Model 9304

Bottle Roller Machine Applications

  • Excellent for dispersing sediment in ink and resin bottles.
  • Has material testing applications for asphalt and aggregate materials.
  • Laboratory uses include cell and tissue culture agitation.
  • Perform cyanide bottle leaching tests for determining the ‘leachability’ of gold and silver ore.
  • Can be used as a jar mill to grind small specimens (required jar not supplied)

Bottle Roller Features

  • Available from 1 to 6 levels handling 1 to 72 bottles or jars
  • Can be designed to accomodate a wide variety of containers as large as 10 liter carboys or select 5 gallon pails.
  • No painted parts. Made entirely of stainless steel (unless otherwise requested) for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Supplied with leveling feet. Units can be stacked or fitted with casters for mobility.
  • Can be operated horizontally or at angle to aid in sediment dispersal.
  • Speed is electronically controlled. AC motor means no brush replacement is necessary.
  • Polyurethane covered rollers result in minimal bottle label transfer.
  • No passive rollers. All rollers are actively driven.
  • Controls located on the front for easy access.
  • All units now equipped with digital keypad that allows user to precisely set speed and change rotational direction.
  • Has IEC 320 C14 power inlet (found on computers) so readily available cordsets can be used worldwide.
  • Model 9303 can be fitted with a different gearmotor to achieve a drive roll speed of 0-300 RPM for milling purposes.
  • Roller spacing on all models can be modified to accomodate a larger range of jars.
  • Optional machine guard is available with safety interlock for single tier bottle rollers.
  • Optional digital timer available to run for a desired amount of time and stop.
  • We have manufactured many other designs besides those shown here.  If we haven’t already designed a bottle roller that fits your requirements, we’ll customize one for you. Call 704-875-1198 or use the contact button on the menu for a quote.