Legacy Optical Fiber Coloring Machine

TDC - Technical Development Corporation | Machinery & Equipment

Coloring Machine

This generation of coloring machine is available with various configurations and specifications to meet you demanding production requirements. This series, from the pioneer of offline UV coloring machines, is designed to be easy to operate and to perform high quality coloring while maintaining space efficiency and cost effectiveness.¬†Utilizing the versatility of TDC’s tower approach, the system offers unparalleled flexibility in mounting the important process elements. Machine configurations using multiple lamps for high speed coloring or dual coating/curing are easily achieved.¬† This machine also serves as a high speed fiber rewinder.¬† Optional proof test capability can be incorporated.


  • Touch Screen Controls for an efficient operator interface
  • Simple Die Design with proven concentric coloring
  • Digital AC Servo Motors and Drives for stable speeds and low maintenance
  • Low Friction Precision Wheels for gentle fiber handling
  • Serviceablity for increased uptime
  • Flexibility ensures the machine meets your needs
  • Precision Takeup for a high quality wind
  • Non Contact Fiber Sensor eliminates fiber damage at the unwind
  • Horizontal Dancers with no gravity effect, low inertia and quick response
  • Latest UV Curing Technology for high production speeds
  • Space Efficiency for reduced overhead costs
  • Upgradeable to adapt to your changing needs