Optical Fiber Upcoating Machine

TDC - Technical Development Corporation | Machinery & Equipment


The TDC Small Fiber Processing Line began as a solution to a particular customer’s need and has developed into a popular piece of handling equipment. This machine is ideal for applying and curing coatings on small strand materials in a wide range of applications.


The design of the Small Fiber Processing Line is based on a standard TDC fiber respooler with its payoff, capstan, and takeup for fiber handling. The maximum line speed is 1000 meters per minute. The desired process is carried out on a vertical tower. Our tower design features total flexibility in selction of process components and their precise adjustment. A wide range of tower components such as coating cups and dies, Fusion UV Systems curing lamps, and diameter and concentricity gauges is available from TDC. Your own custom tooling can be easily mounted at any position in the process zone.


The TDC Small Fiber Processing Line is designed for production operation, but its flexibilty makes it an excellent process development unit. Risk of fiber damage is eliminated with TDC’s unique Non-Contact Fiber Position Sensor which assures that the payoff spool is continuously and accurately positioned such that the fiber is unwound without interference from the adjacent fibers.