Non Contact Fiber Position Sensor

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Non Contact Follower Sensor


The TDC Non Contact Fiber Position Sensor is an excellent alternative to conventional follower arms.  It measures the position of the fiber without contact by detecting the fiber shadow using state of the art CCD technology.  This allows for accurate control of the position of a fiber payoff spool. The sensor supplies an analog signal showing fiber position and an alarm signal indicating when fiber has not been seen for 1 second.

This method eliminates the potential for damage to the fiber from follower arms, minimizing fiber damage such as excessive bend angles and scuffing during unwinding. Applications include edge sensing for optical fiber ribbon, cable and other continuous web or strand materials.


Input Power: 24 or 12 VDC – jumper selectable
Output: 0-5 VDC representing +/- 0.15 inches
Alarm Output: Open collector, active low
Lamp Type: LED
Shadow Detection: CCD 102 pixel device with microprocessor control
Dimensions: 10″ long by 2.75″ maximum width by 3.75″ maximum height
Follower Arm Alternative