Optical Fiber Ribbon Respooler

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Optical Fiber Ribbon Respooler

RR300 HS

83″W x 87″H x 86″D
2110mm x 2210mm x 2185mm


  • Optical fiber ribbon respooling at speeds up to 1000 MPM
  • The machine is controlled by PLC with user friendly operator interface
  • Easily configurable for any ribbon width up to 36 fiber
  • Handles wide range of spools
  • Available with different types of printers

Machine Specifications

  • Reliable digital AC servo motors and drives
  • Low friction precision wheels for gentle ribbon handling
  • Non contact ribbon sensor at the payoff
  • Horizontal low inertia pneumatic dancers
  • Precision takeup for a high quality wind
  • Spool sizes up to 500 mm OAW and 500 mm OD

Optional Features

  • Customized Operator Interface
  • Position Controlled Ribbon Guide for the Takeup (as shown)
  • Machine Guards
  • Pendant Mounted Operator Interface (as shown)
  • Custom features can be supplied on customer specifications

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