Fiberglass and Industrial Fabric UV Edge Cure and Trim System

UV Fabric Edge Curing and Trim System

Optical Fiber Ribbon Line

This equipment provides a complete edge treatment, slitting and trim removal system. It is a free-standing unit which may be incorporated into the user’s process. Equipped with electro-optical sensors and fast-response actuators which keep the active machine elements positioned properly with respect to the edge of the running fabric.


  • A resin dispensing and applying system which stores the UV resin and dispenses it to the applicator system at an adjustable ratio proportional to fabric speed. The applicator applies a stripe of resin 1/4 wide at a point near the edge being followed by the sensor system and near the other edge at a preset, fixed distance from the first stripe.
  • An ultraviolet curing irradiator and light shield system cures the resin.
  • Slitting knives are used to shear the fabric to a precise width.
  • A pneumatic conveying system is used for the edge trim removal.

Typical Industrial Fabric Application

  • Fabric composition – “E” type glass with Silane treatment.
  • Fabric weight – 0.6 to 7.0 ounces per square yard.
  • Fabric process speed – up to 100 yards per minute.
  • Fabric width – 38 to 62 inches.
  • Resin application width – approximately 1/4″ on each edge.
  • Slitting tolerances – ± 1/16 inch over a range of ± 1 inch.

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