UV Ovens and Conveyors

Inline UV Curing Cart Inline UV Curing Unit
Inline UV Curing Unit

TDC produces a variety of machines that have wide application in the processing of UV curable inks, coatings and adhesives.


  • High energy output and rapid on-off cycles for high production rates.
  • Automated or manual operation for maximum flexibility.
  • Extremely efficient conveying of parts to and from the exposure chamber for high throughput.
  • Our standard irradiator is made by Fusion UV curing Systems. It features a microwave-driven, electrodeless lamp for simplicity and safe, trouble-free operation.
  • A specific portion of the electromagnetic spectrum may be selected for maximum curing efficiency.
  • Rapid start and restart. No shutters required, less downtime.
  • High UV with low IR output, less heat to substrate.

Advantages of UV Curing

UV curing is a photopolymerization process in which liquid monomers become hardened polymers as a result of exposure to intense light from the ultraviolet portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is used instead of heat to cure inks, coatings, and adhesives in a wide range of industrial applications including medical devices, publishing, consumer products, plastics, telecommunications, metal and glass packaging, and electronics.

Key Benefits

  • The UV process usually involves no solvents such as are used in conventional heat drying.
    Therefore, there is neither loss of film thickness nor any requirement for equipment to recover evaporated solvents.
  • Excellent end product properties … high scuff, abrasion, moisture, scratch and oil resistance.
  • Minimal cleanup.
  • Fast production speeds.
  • Low energy requirements.
  • Minimal floor space.
  • Nearly instantaneous curing permits product handling and processing much sooner than with conventional heat drying.
  • Superior bonding.
  • Cooler processing

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