Spools of Colored Optical Fiber

Optical Fiber Coloring and Coating

As a manufacturer of optical fiber machinery, TDC has the equipment and qualified manpower on hand to offer optical fiber coloring and coating services. We can turn your product around quickly while providing quality that is second to none.  TDC has been involved with UV curing of inks and resin onto optical fiber from conception and we have a through understanding of the variables that affect the process.

  • UV Coloring
  • UV Upcoating
  • Proof Testing
  • Respooling

Machine Refurbishing

TDC can refurbish machinery made by other manufacturers. Shown below is our popular Skaltek payoff and take-up rebuild. We replace proprietary and outdated controls with readily
available Allen Bradley controls that your plant personnel are already familiar with.

In this particular example, we replace relays with a PLC and PanelView allowing much greater control over machine operation than was previously possible in a pushbutton only system.  DC motors are replaced with low maintenance AC and servo motors.

A cluttered, packed, and stacked cabinet is transformed into a cleaner, more spacious, and easier to access cabinet. We’ve rebuilt machinery as diverse as elastic bandage winders to compact disc packaging machines.

Skaltek U20T Controls Before
Skaltek U20T Controls Before

Skaltek U20T Controls After
Skaltek U20T Controls After

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