We are a Mechanical and Electrical Design Engineering Co. with decades of experience designing and building custom machinery 

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    Technical Development Corporation

    Mechanical Engineering and Machine Design services you can depend on

    TDC develops robust persuasion automated manufacturing equipment,

    Specializing in the design and build of custom systems.

    Product Areas and Expertise

    Optical Fiber, Wire and Cable machinery

    A payoff or winding machine is a machine for wrapping some specific type of linear material such as fiberoptic cable, wire, string, twine, cord, thread, yarn, rope, ribbon, tape, strapping, etc. onto a reel, spool, or bobbin. We provide electro-mechanical design services to companies assisting them with machinery and equipment required to wind their production materials. 


    Medical and Pharmaceutical Equipment

    TDC builds and designs the product and material handling equipment for multiple pharmaceutical applications.  Equipment includes pill and tablet dedusters, transports, counting, weighing, and packaging of pharma products.

    Custom Automated Equipment

    If you need to automate your manufacturing process we can help you do it.
    TDC provides design solutions for simple high-speed throughput to highly complex, precise manufacturing processes. We help our clients from A-Z, delivering custom automated manufacturing equipment of various sizes and complexity.

    Custom Automations and Design

    To compete in the modern manufacturing market, manufacturers leverage automation services and robotic machines to increase factory productivity and decrease costs. Many of our clients are implementing automation to reduce cost and simultaneously increasing production throughput to achieve their goals and substantially drive profits.
    Our specialty is in problem-solving designs through engineered automation. We seek to remove variation in your processes to increase the quality of output. We strive to increase consistency and accuracy while reducing the need for manual intervention.
    You will find that custom-designed, flexible automation solutions can eliminate variables impacting reliability, increase quality, and reduce lead time to market. TDC has more than 20 years of cross-industry experience and knowledge to help fuel our client’s business through a collaborative partnership.


    TDC is located in Concord, NC just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, and was established in 1978.  We started in a 3,000 square foot facility with 3 associates, and we have grown to over 100,000 square feet today.  Our secret to success is client focus and partnership interactions. 


    TDC Pioneered the use of UV light for curing inks on fiber.  TDC has invented a number of products you can see in our portfolio. We continue to consult with our clients to design and build custom lines and automated equipment to increase throughput while reducing manual interaction requirements.


    Our production control procedures enable traceability techniques in alignment with our quality assurances.   

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