Powder Applications

Features and Benefits

  • Three standard Chalkmaster models for diameter ranges up to 30mm, 50mm, 75mm
  • Fully mobile system fitted with ball-bearing silent castors
  • Flashing beacon to indicate powder refill required
  • Plug and socket for quick electrical input supply connection
  • Quick-release connection for easy air input supply
  • Plug and socket connections for main electrical components
  • Line height adjustment through screw-type jacking feet
  • Reliable, low maintenance machine with few moving parts
  • Quiet, low pollution operation reducing health hazards
  • Economic performance with adjustable powder control
  • Complies with CE Health and Safety norms

The revolutionary TDC Chalkmaster is used to apply talc or powder to wire, cable, and other stranded materials during the manufacturing process. Its simple and durable design lends itself well to a long product lifespan. TDC’s Powdermaster adds the convenience of flip-top loading for ease of product threading and powder capacity is also expanded.

The heart of the system is the special patented design of the powder applicator. Except for the self cleaning rotary filter, there are no moving parts in direct contact with the powder. The filter bearings and drive are external and are not affected by powder. The patented rotating system is self-cleaning.

CHALKMASTER is an effective method of applying talcum and SAP powders to cables on a production line. The quiet operation and reduction of powder in the atmosphere have made it a well-proven method of meeting improved health and safety standards. Over 300 units are in operation throughout the world, handling powder applications in many diverse environments.

CHALKMASTER Optional Features

PCS – Powder collection and recycle system

IAD – Adjustable diaphragm valves for input and exit ports

SB – Sub-base to increase product centerline height from standard 1000mm

FStr – Flat strip system 100mm wide (max)

BiD – Switch for changing direction of operation using dual powder deposition controls

CCS – Catenary cable system 12 degree angle (max)

All jobs can be modified and custom built to fit the needs of your business!