• Touch Screen PLC Controls for an efficient operator interface
  • Simple Die Design with auto ink purge for proven concentric coloring
  • Digital AC Servo Motor and Drives for stable speeds and low maintenance
  • Low Friction Precision Wheels for gentle fiber handling
  • Serviceability for increased uptime
  • Flexibility to ensure the machine meets your needs
  • Precision Takeup for a high quality wind
  • Non Contact Fiber Sensor eliminates fiber damage at the payoff
  • Horizontal Pneumatic Dancers with no gravity effect, low inertia and quick response
  • Latest UV Curing Technology for high production speeds
  • Hinged Lamp Assembly swings sideways for easier changing of the single quartz tube or rewinding
  • Upgradeable to adapt to you changing needs

86″W x 80″H x 60″D
2185mm x 2032mm x 1524mm


Optical Fiber Coloring Machine

FOCL 330 3 Lamp System with Guards

Optional Features

  • Pendant Screen Mount
  • Machine Guards
  • Pintel Payoff/Takeup
  • Heated Die
  • Diameter Gauge
  • Oxygen Sensor

Machine Specifications

Mechanical Speed 2100 m/min.
UV Lamp
Model 310 (1) 10″ Irradiator
Model 320 (2) 10″ Irradiators
Model 330 (3) 10″ Irradiators
N2 Purge Adjustable
Ink Vessel 1 Liter
Ink Pressure 0-50 PSI
Fiber Tension 30-100 grams
Other Ranges Available
Fiber Cleaner Air Wipe
Static Eliminator Ionizing Type
Reel Dimensions All Common Sizes
Reel Weight 20 kilograms w/pintel
Traverse Pitch 0.2-2.0mm
Utilities Power: 380-480VAC,
50/60Hz, 3 Phase
Air: 60 PSI minimum