Proof Testers



The TDC Optical Fiber Proof Tester incorporates the basic design of the TDC Optical Fiber Respooler and adds a state-of-the-art proof stress zone that meets all of the requirements of the EIA standard FOTP-31. In addition, this machine also provides a fast, simple and convenient method for utility rewind applications.



The TDC Optical Fiber Proof Tester is designed to automatically adjust the stress applied to the fiber taking into consideration all of the following: load sharing by the jacketing, dwell time in the test zone, and ramp-up and ramp-down speeds. It has a maximum line speed of 800 meters per minute, but can be customized for more modest applications. Automatic control of run length and wind pitch is provided along with the ability to handle a variety of spool types. Special winds such as level wind, trapezoidal, tapered wind and basketweave are standard features on this machine.




Fiber Proof Tester is designed for continuous production operation but makes itself very useful for utility rewind applications. Risk of fiber damage is eliminated with TDC’s unique Non-Contact Fiber Position Sensor which assures that the payoff spool is continuously and accurately positioned such that the fiber is unwound without interference from the adjacent fibers.

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