• Configurable for the production of 4 to 24 fiber ribbons
  • Complete line designed for a maximum mechanical speed of 1000 MPM
  • Line is controlled by PLC with user friendly operator interface
  • Fiber tension is digitally displayed and can be adjusted during operation
  • Tension control for all components is handled by brushless motors for maximum sensitivity and reliablity
  • Line consists of 4 main components – Payoffs, Ribbon Tower, Capstan and Take-up


  • Stand alone units containing four spindles each
  • Low inertia horizontal pneumatic dancers provide quick response
  • Tension range as standard is 30 to 100 gms (0.3 to 1.0N)- other ranges available
  • Can handle standard 25 and 50 km spools (maximum of 10 kg)


  • Precision speed/length measurement system (2000 PPR encode)
  • Cushioned capstan for gentle handling of ribbon
  • Laser measurement of ribbon

Ribbon Tower

  • Precision back plate with internal damping for vibration free operation
  • Temperature controlled die assembly and resin delivery system
  • Latest UV curing technology for highest production speeds
  • Tension measurement after curing for quality monitoring


  • Shaftless design for spools up to 500 mm OAW and 500 mm OD (maximum weight is 40 kg)
  • Precision pitch is programmable for either straight or tapered flanges
  • Tension range as standard is 50 to 400 gms (0.5 to 4.0N)-other ranges available
  • Pneumatic pintles

Optional Features

  • Customized Operator Interface
  • Ribbon Accumulator for spool change or product sampling
  • Position Controlled Ribbon Guide for the Takeup
  • Higher Capacity/ Dual Resin Tanks
  • Automatic Die Rinse
  • Machine Guards
  • Oxygen Analyzer
  • Nitrogen Flow Monitor
  • UV Monitor
  • Tension Measurement before the die
  • Ribbon Printer
  • Additional laser measurement features
  • Custom features can be supplied based on customer specifications