Tablet Deduster

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Tablet Deduster - Pharmaceutical Equipment


  • Our tablet deduster is constructed usingonly a few components, creating a highly functional and strong design.
  • The head is easily removed from themachine with the release of two latches. This allows forquick interchangeability of the upper section when moving from product to product, or when cleaning.
  • No tools required for breakdown,cleaning and assembly.
  • Main cover is easy to remove withthumbscrews securing its location.
  • Window allows for visual inspection andswings open for tablet sampling.
  • Stepped cleaning table with air nozzlesensures tablets tumble for complete cleaning.
  • Vacuum connection for dust collection.
  • Motor section is easily removed from the base with the pull of one interlock pin.
  • Three-leg base ensures that the machine is level and allows for flexibility when fitting next to tablet presses.
  • Two straight casters and one retractable swivel caster make moving the machine easy and quick. The swivel caster is retracted by a simplespin of the large knob.
  • Easy height adjustment achieved by gas strut counter balancing. Position is held by a cam-locking lever.
  • Compact entry/exit heights allows for the use of large totes.


Height Adjustment 34 to 41″
Weight 98 lbs.
Power 115VAC/60Hz
*Other Voltages Available